About Us

I'm a work at home mom and wife, we have a house full of kids, cats and a dog.
I have many, many hobbies but my favorites are sewing, machine embroidery and making handmade soap.  I've been designing ever since I can remember, from sewing projects to knitting and crochet, jewelry and other crafts so it was only natural that I was designing machine embroidery designs shortly after buying my first embroidery machine.

A few years ago we got our kids a small play kitchen.  Of course we needed some food to play with since it didn't come with any.  I bought a set of plastic food which the dog promptly chewed up so out came the bin of felt.  As I sat there designing and cutting, I looked over at my embroidery machine and something clicked!  The rest is history! 
I have a lot of felt play food sets already released with lots more to come.
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